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How Spirit Communication Works For Me....

     What to expect when you come to see me for a Mediumship Reading ....

I Will ask you if you would like to connect to a particular loved one.  I give you that 

option. You can do that or say who ever comes through. I am totally ok with whatever you choose.  If half way through the reading you would still like to connect with someone that I didn't connect with yet  at that point I may ask you for their first name this helps your spirit loved ones and myself tap into their vibration giving even more strength to and from them . 

      Once the connection happens with spirit, All my senses are extremely  amplified. I feel their emotions,  how they passed, Their Love for you ect. I hear names who they maybe be with, people your with and people they want to acknowledge sense their passing. I hear dates that are and numbers significant.

     I see images your loved ones want me to explain to you. I  receive all this all at the same time. I compare myself to a mailman , They deliver your bills but do not understand all the details about your bills. You wouldn't ask the mailman where your phone bill was if was late because they are just the messenger.  

  I will not understand simply because I am the messenger . Sometimes spirit shows me thing that are symbols. All they care is I get the message to you.