Mediumship Readings

    Messages from your dearly departed loved ones in spirit , This helps to give you evidencial messages that your loved ones are helping you and not to far away.  They talk about past present and even sometimes the slight future, along with many other things.

1/2 HOUR=$50

1 HOUR=$90

Spiritual Counseling with Angelic Guidance

  Messages from your Angels and Guides to help you in all areas of your life, giving you  direction, ideas ,knowledge and wisdom    

1/2 HOUR=$50

1 HOUR=$90

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Sessions

1/2 HOUR=$25


Reiki Training: Usui Reiki

Level 1 & 2  

             $300 For both 1&2                   


Hand and feet massage

  Hand and Feet massage with pure healing essential oils to help unblock  Meridians for balance, healing and relaxation on many levels.


HANDS & FEET = $25

Healing Jewelry

  Semi Precious Gem Stone Jewelry with metaphysical meanings/Reiki infused

1 For $30

2 For $50

Angel Card Readings

Angel Cards are used along with my Divine Team of helpers to give more clarity and direction in your life.  

1/2 HOUR=$50

1 HOUR=$90