Above and Beyond with Sharon LLC

~ My Story ~ Sharon Denison Psychic/Medium


How my life as a Psychic/Medium all unfolded


This is my story,  I have always had abilities to know things about people from a very young age. I saw spirits as a young girl that scared me literally almost to death.  I always felt my Angels around me to help and guide me and even ask them a question then receive an answer ! when I would talk to my friends about how cool  it is to get answers from the Angels they would say " WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" I thought everyone could hear them, thats when I knew I was different. When I was in a crowd I would have a very hard time, I seemed to feel everyone's energy, the good and bad. This is called an empath, as time went on I became very withdrawn from the world almost like I didn't belong in this world, I didn't and never seemed to FIT in . About 30+ years ago I became a Cosmetologist.   I totally loved doing hair,  however my abilities became much more  intense from direct contact with their auric field of energy.  I seemed to know so much about my clients.  Then something a little different started to happen,  their loved one's in spirit started to communicate with me and tell me what to tell them, Messages they needed to hear. The funny thing was I was cutting their hair while receiving these messages! I thought WOW!    It was so amazing. I am a natural born medium however I still needed to learn how to hone this natural ability, to learn how it all worked for me, meaning all mediums are a little different from each other just like all people are different from each other.  This required a lot of time, practice and patience on my part.   I read many books on this subject,  went to workshops and Psychic /Mediumship  development groups, meditations to connect with my Angels and Guides and more meditations.  Learning how spirit felt, sounded, symbols,  names and so on.   I also had to learn to get my own thoughts out of the way, for these messages are not" FOR ME" but "FOR MY CLIENT " and I do not  live  their life or understand  exactly what these messages mean to my client but trust that they are important enough for spirit to bring them up. I feel blessed to be able to help hundreds of people with closure , healing and loving messages from  their loved one's.  I know this is what I was born to do!  All my readings are done for the highest and best good for all concerned , Love and Light with Blessings to all.